Battle pass problem

I purchased a Battle Pass. I am doing and completing the challenges, but not getting the rewards.

You also need to “Claim” the rewards. Some buttons on the bottom that let you claim.

I have used the claim button. Only letting me claim free rewards.

I have been having a similar issue. Things from the battlepass I claim that must be crafted. Do not show up in their respective crafting bench. Such as, candelabra, the steed and cat( sorcerous pet food). All, should be unlocked and available in the artisans bench or alchemy bench.

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Greetings dtreb64!
Thank you for reporting your issue regarding the battlepass rewards.

In order for our team to properly asess the situation, could you send us a video/screenshot of the issue so that we can have a better look please?

Also, may I ask, are you playing on an Official Server or on a Private server? If on a private server, are you perhaps playing with mods?

Thank you in advance!

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I had some issues today too. Had to keep relogging to get credit for my progression and to claim rewards. Been working fine until this morning.

On G Portal for server and not using mods. Have up to 36 on the challenges done, but only getting the free rewards.

Thank you very much for the information dtreb64!

Since the issue is related to your account and to the purchase of the battlepass, please follow our Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket through our Zendesk platform, so that we can take a closer look to your account as soon as possible:

Our team will await your report dtreb64!

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