Bazaar items missing and broken

Anyone know if Funcom is planning to fix the
missing /broken items that we have purchased from the bazaar ?
Items such as aqualonian bathhouse latrine is missing.
Also the new pictish rite dancer armour set has a bug where only one piece of the armor can be dyed and still only partially.
If anyone has any info please let me know.
Thanks in advance.


This one has put in a report or two.
Responses indicate they are aware of those specific issues and are working on them. If previous Bazaar items are any indication, this one would expect a fix around the time of the next battle pass Season.

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Yeah should be able to dye any armour and share between clanmates too . They still have to fix twitch drops from last year :neutral_face:

Apparently the twitch drops can be fixed by unlinking your game and then relinking it. But that did not work for me. Other people said it has for them

Has not worked for my I tried that 10 times already

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Lol same here

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Well I do agree with you, and I am surprised that you cannot dye them (I have not purchased anything from the BLB so I did not know that you couldn’t). However, they had made it very clear from the moment that they announced the BLB / Battlepass that sharing was not going to be a thing so don’t hold your breath on that one.

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