Bazaar Prices - Really?


So, Towers of Yamatai, and near-old school DLC, was 1200 and this Hidden Door: Tapestry single item is 760.



Yeah, some prices are just full on bonkers.
Single items costing anything over 500 crom crypto are just out of touch pricings. If a single item even costs 500 crom coins then it’d better be good. I am hard pressed to imagine what single item would be worth 500 crom coins to me, maybe a reskin of the sorcery portals. Let alone the 760 or so iirc that the hidden door tapestry goes for.

350 is a good impulsive spending threshold i’d think. It’s the kind of amount where i’d have a nice idea or see a gap in my base’s design and decide to fill it with said item(s).


it could be Brom… we dont say

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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