Black Castle - Door bugs on last boss

In the Black Castle dungeon, if the group wipes at last boss, the door is bugged and doesn’t open anymore. It happened to me yesterday on Crom, and also some time ago to some friends of mine on Saga.
Can you please fix it? It’s not easy to find a purist group for these dungeons, and it’s very frustrating to reach the last boss and could not complete the instance because of a bug.

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What the heavens?! This is one of the best dungeons, and it is bugged now?! Has it been finally fixed? As far as I see, no official has answered the topic.

Funcom, please address this problem. We do not need newcomers and others restart the same group and spend 1-3 hours (depending upon experience) clearing the the same door again and again to finish two quests and obtain their achievements.