Black Corsair Knockout Bug

As if Siptah weren’t aggravating enough to play on, there is now a bug where Black Corsair NPC’s cannot be knocked out. Truncheons, Arrows, and Purple Lotus potions do not work.

Server: Official
Type: PVE
Server Name: #6111
Map: Siptah
Device: PC

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A little inconvenient when your outpost with sacrificial stones, is near a Black Corsair camp. Luckily, I had already been teleporting with named Accursed from Temple of The Loon, and placing them on sacrificial stones to show off a little.


NEW hotfix, but i would liek to think the list of changes are incomplete. *(as usual)

after this patch does the Black corsair and drunken pirates can be KO again? or they forgot?

I will log in to Siptah, take a quick swim to the nearest Black Corsair camp, and see if a lone crafter thrall can be knocked out.

ETA: Black Corsairs still cannot be knocked out.

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