Blood and Sand: A Conan Exiles Server with 2X XP and 4X Harvest, PvP-C

Blood and Sand: A Conan Exiles Server with 2X XP and 4X Harvest

Are you looking for a new Conan Exiles server to join? Do you want to enjoy the game without too many restrictions or complications? Then Blood and Sand is the server for you!

Blood and Sand is a server that offers:

  • 2X XP rate to level up faster and unlock more skills and feats
  • 4X harvest rate to gather more resources and build your dream base
  • Very simple rules: don’t be an ass, and don’t block paths and spawns
  • Each obelisk has a maproom for easy travel across the map
  • Events planned out for when the server starts to get populated, with rewards ranging from thralls, to gear, to a little touch of Siptah

The server is a little over a week old, so there is plenty of room for your bases. Better come fast before all the good spots disappear! This is a no wipe server, and a long term server, so you can play with confidence and peace of mind.

Join Blood and Sand today and experience Conan Exiles like never before!

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