Boss corjadouro


Olá !
Estou com problema no boss do corjadouro. Quando chego nele para enfrenta-lo, ele não me ataca e nao faz nada. Alguem pode me ajuda? Estou fazendo algo errado ou deixando de fazer? Ou Boss esta bugado? Pois sem derrota este boss nao consigo prossegui na jornada que são dadas.

Sim português. O chefe não ataca e fica a me olha …

Sim, ou boss esta bugado. Funcom dizem que consertaram, mas não.

Sorry if my Portuguese is not very good. I speak Spanish and I tried my best :man_shrugging:

In case it was too broken, here’s what I tried to say: Yes, the boss is bugged. Funcom said they fixed it, but they didn’t.

Dregs slug. It still has that bug that makes it lose interest in fighting you and just sit there regenerating health.

I’m guessing it might be because of that leashing mechanic, but I can’t be sure. The reason why I suspect that is because I was fighting it with a relatively new character (stone weapons) and I hid myself at one point to regen some health and that’s when the bug kicked in.

Fun times. Though I don’t see a post in the bug report forum about it. Hint hint.

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Good point. I’ll make one later. And another one about how it goes out of sync with the server and flops out under the floor or above my head, where I can’t hit it. I’m pretty sure it’s been reported several times before, but it shouldn’t hurt to remind them.

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That’s xbox, I didn’t check PS4 or PC bug reports so it might still need doing for them.

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