Bro Grim: (PC PvE) No build limits/Customization/AoC/EEWA/Events

USA based server. Good Ping. Exiled lands. NO BUILD LIMITS for creative builds.

Server designed to attract players of all experience levels and desired combat/build/grind modes. PvE. No dropped loot.

Compete to loot the admin fortress designed to challenge !!

Great fun for builders/grinders with no fear of lost items, fighters who like to kill mobs, fighters who like to compete against players in events.


  • Lots of building kits: N Timber, Cathedral, glass, Jungle, Classical, Stygian… with endless deco and placables
  • Tons of character customization with haircuts, accessories, outfits, attachables, immersive armors, high heels, fantasy
  • Endless new armors and weapons including light sabers, magics, auras, and weapon enhancements.
  • Rewards: level 100= free mount, 150= free combat pet
  • Admin HUB with quest npc’s, vendors, and portals
  • Learn all Magic and factions easier
  • PvE Ice, Sand, Sky arenas with mega loot and XP
  • Player Market with your own personal vendors to buy and sell. players drive economy
  • Active admin, moderator, VIP’s and clans
  • Building damage OFF (cannot raid bases or steal items), NO DROP of loot on death
  • Chilled environment, friendly, adults, active and helpful for all levels
  • Clanning up is easy or play solo
  • Tons of content, progress past level 300 (ascension) 6 times, attributes can go up to 100
  • gently boosted rates but still offers challenge and grind to those who desire it
  • Custom start area offering kit with tools and all base-stat armor choices (including dlc’s)
  • Portals to bobby, faction hall, faction forges, dungeons, and end-game vendors
  • Custom quest-lines if desired
  • Running Age of Calamitous and EEWA mods so progression and growth of characters is endless.
  • Encumbrance and Stamina mega boost kits, if desired and upon request.
  • Raidable admin fort and competition area.

Player fun drives all decisions.

• Server: “Bro Grim: NoBld Limit/Market/EEWA/FlyingMount (PC) (PvE)”
• Direct connect: P:
• Join discord if you wish:

New marketplace area added

New Admin raid fortress added

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If I was playing on PC would definitely have to check it out sounds great.

Capture the flag being added to server.

Added mega loot to admin fort!

added banker vendor to turn wallet gold back to gold coins.

Added T9 thralls as rewards