Buff the debuffs

For being a survival game the debuffs are very trivial and barely noticeable outside of pvp, and in almost all cases are just waited out for 20 seconds with minimal consequence. Increase the danger posed by debuffs by significantly extending the duration of debuffs to be on the order of half an hour. Require the player to make a decision on whether they can tolerate debuffs going into combat, or do they need to take action to treat the debuffs.

Let the grit stat mitigate damage mechanical injury status debuffs (bleed, cripple) as well as duration.

Fall Damage should apply cripple 1 stack per 10% of max health lost to fall damage.

Add splints a consumable, similar to what bandages do for bleed, to remove cripple and applies healing when not moving.
Crude Splints: plant fiber and branches, Splint: twine and wood, Advanced Splint: shaped wood and silk.
Add antivenom consumable made with poison glands and horse(horse not consumed) in alchemy bench. provides healing if not moving.

Bandages, splints, and antivenom should only provide healing if they cure their respective debuff.

Cripple should additionally cause minor damage (way less than bleed) only when moving.

Status effects such as sunder should be indefinite and require repair kits or materials/armorer to repair.
There should be a similar debuff that indefinitely reduces weapon effectiveness such as chipped or cracked until it is repaired.

Food and water consumption seems to be the main focus of the survival system. Players should be able to survive multiple days without food or water without dropping dead under normal conditions.
However, going extended periods of time without food or water should accumulate multiple degrees of hunger or thirst that lower your SAVAGES stats to a debilitating state.

Temperature needs to be a more significant driver of food and water consumption and have more of an affect on SAVAGES stats.

Let survival mitigate food/water/temperature/poisons/food poisoning/environmental statuses and consumption.

Introduce new consumables like pain killers that allows you to ignore completely the affects of debuffs for a short period of time like a min to help you overcome a pressing situation,
but have the consequence of adding an additional stack to each negative debuff you are trying to mitigate as well as adding something like alcohol poisoning to reduce overuse.

A new debuff called infection that comes from animal bites or undead. Infection has little to no impact initially but gradually adds stacks as time progresses that start to damage you once you reach 5 stacks.
Infection can be treated with antibiotics made from spoiled gruel or bread (penicillin). Survival would slow down the accumulation of infection as well as mitigate the rate it kills you.

In short require the player to remedy(manage) debuffs rather than just wait it out 20 seconds for it to go away.

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