Bug with Wall Sign

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

If you try to write something on sign, you can do it and everything is working fine BUT, if u write on this sign “e” this bug is removing everything so it mean, you cant write any word with E :smiley: This is not important bug but anyway i want report it

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I have lots of signs with the letter “e” on them and haven’t seen this behavior. In fact, just tried modifying one with and “e” in it (Unnamed City) and it’s just fine. Perhaps it’s a regional language setting?


Hey @fenix_svk

As @Larathiel is pointing out, maybe it has to do with a regional language setting. Just to be sure, do you use any language setting that has a different character set? (like Cyrillic or Greek, for instance).

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Currently i try make new one and its working fine. This bug i seen with ENG keybord for me

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Thanks, we’ll send the info to our devs and see if they can spot something weird with that :slight_smile:

i think there is not one thing in conan working correct…

Have to talked to Conan he seems like a guy of action of getting things done.

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