Bugged Armor (invisible body parts)

We all know that you added the battle pass to make more money, but please atleast finish testing your armors before releasing them to the game.
The head, gloves, and boots I’m wearing are skelos cultist master’s set, and the chest and legs are Gurnakhi set. In case the image isn’t clear, mixing the armors produced invisible wrists and ankles. The reason I mixed them was because I hadn’t finished making the whole set but wanted to see what it looked like so far.


Further testing on my part reveals the second armor set doesn’t matter, only the gurnakhi set. I put the same pieces on a thral to the same effect

Already reported:

i craftet today this armor on my series x and even change the color but all works for me

I play on series x and also have this problem.

I had a similar problem on PC with one of the ‘old DLC’ armors. Can’t remember which one. Nemedian medium, maybe?

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