Bugs in single player after the update


Hello everyone

This days after the new update and it’s hotfix, I’m facing two issues and one before the update at single player.

  1. The game after the hotfix constantly crashes in single player and I was barely got to learn the sorcery bench and it’s spells.

  2. When I trigger the stuff and my character does the animation to enter into the spell select menu the game freezes and crashes in single player.

  3. This is a issue that I have in single player before the new update and it has to do with the “copy character” option in single player. Many times I have tried to transfer my character from exile lands to siptah and gets timed out, but the second time I try the game kicks me out and my PlayStation notifies me that the game’s save files got corrupted and replaced with their back up from the psn cloud.

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Hello there @Kazalakis!

Thank you for reporting this situation to us!

Regarding this, would you kindly provide me with further details? Which PlayStation model are you currently playing on? Would it be possible for you to please provide us with a video of the crash occurring?

Of course , here’s a video taken via the camera of my phone while I attempt in single player to trigger the spell selection menu with the arcane stuff but I can’t send it via the site due to that is mp4 file.

Can I send it to you the support via email?

Hello :wave:

Here’s the link of the game crash issue by triggering the stuff 's spell select menu

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