Bugs with invisable animals

Elephants and rhinos invisable so harder to gather think hide its been this way for a while now

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Greetings @helper09,

Can you, please, share if you’re playing on an Official Server, a Private one or on Single-Player?

Im on my privet server this bug was there before the update and is on both maps

Greetings @helper09 ,

If you can, please reinstall the game to see if the issue is still happening. In the meantime, I’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

This is also happening in singleplayer since the last update on the 14th. Elephants are invisible and so are babies. So far that ive noticed. I wanted a baby elephant. And yes a full reinstall was done still an issue. I have not been to any other area to see if other animals are affected.


So far i only see elephants missing last time it was dogs and dog like creatures this bug keeps popping up since the last patch and its frustrating there are constant priblems one thing is fixed another breaks

Fresh install on new series x
Single player game in Savannah

Elephants invisible

I have also had this happen, and a friend playing with me at the time also confirmed it was happening for him as well. Leaving the area and returning solved the issue, similar to fixing unconscious would-be thralls falling thru the map.

this also happens to my rhino mount. the saddle is visible, but the rhino itself is invisible. pve server 2501

EDIT: In my case, i think it has something to do with pet skins. i created a corrupted bear I unlocked from the battlepass and that was going invisible as well and I should mention that my Rhino that was disappearing had the purebred skin on as well.

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On the official siptah servers I play on, dogs and elephants are invisible. Sometimes you get lucky with some of the more fluffy dogs and can see some of the fur but that’s it.

I routinely face invisible enemies (playing on private server on Xbox). The most common invisible ones (in my experience) have been giant snakes (including the boss snake in the Unnamed City), some rock noses (including the blood crystal ones), pretty much every single blood crystal golem I’ve found, and occasionally other things as well. Usually they are invisible at the beginning of the fight, but sometimes turn visible only after I’ve been struck once or twice by them, and managed to hit them back. For me, this is so routine in my gameplay that I’ve even stopped thinking about it, and now expect it. The boss snake has never NOT been invisible to me at the start of that fight.

The invisible animals for me at least are only in the G/h area as far as i havd noticed and its mostly elephants sometime hyenas

If a member of the team wants to message me i can give them access to the server so they can do more research if they need too

Reinstalling dosnt fix the problem

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I’m playing on an xbox series x, and s. both privet server and single player games have invisible elephants, rhino’s (grey and siptah) and some feral dogs. In some locations dogs are viable. I’ve reinstalled the game on my consoles, and reinstalled it on my server. When can we expect a fix?

The invisable animals has been a thing for to long it was fix but now its back to invisable again its frustrating when trying to fight thunderfoot and get the key from him please fix this ASAP i dont see this problem on pc

Sadly Funcom only care about PC that is where all the content creators are to make the game look good so us dumb console players buy it thinking it works the same way.

Even the horrible giant rocknoses are invisible

Rockslide, Avalanche mobs? if yes i feel the pain i got killed by 2 3 skull Avalanche that were invisible around the south-west of the ice temple

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I’m on a private server and most greater and fodder animals are invisible for us. Even when spawned in they are still invisible plus some old ones are too.

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