Bugs with invisable animals

Elephants and rhinos invisable so harder to gather think hide its been this way for a while now

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Greetings @helper09,

Can you, please, share if you’re playing on an Official Server, a Private one or on Single-Player?

Im on my privet server this bug was there before the update and is on both maps

Greetings @helper09 ,

If you can, please reinstall the game to see if the issue is still happening. In the meantime, I’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

This is also happening in singleplayer since the last update on the 14th. Elephants are invisible and so are babies. So far that ive noticed. I wanted a baby elephant. And yes a full reinstall was done still an issue. I have not been to any other area to see if other animals are affected.

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So far i only see elephants missing last time it was dogs and dog like creatures this bug keeps popping up since the last patch and its frustrating there are constant priblems one thing is fixed another breaks

Fresh install on new series x
Single player game in Savannah

Elephants invisible