Build Manager can't switch weapons under a certain condition

Posted this one over on discord but figured it wouldn’t hurt putting it here too. Because i hate myself i have been lvling up two sets of the same weapon combo on my Healer. One for DPS and one for Healing. When i switch from a DPS build with Blood/Rifle to a Healing build with Rifle/Blood, the manager can’t figure out to change the weapons, and just sticks with the previous setup.

For clarification the below switch is what the gearmanger can’t do. And i have checked the build is up to date.

I suspect what the gearmanager does, is take out 1 weapon, and then tries to replace that weapon, before taking out the other. But that would mean putting two books or two rifles on at the same time, which is not allowed. I’m guessing a switch of weapons, where it is the same weapons just flipped, works because the manager is forced to remove both weapons before it can replace one with the other.

Edit: Just had the mind to check this switch Shotty/DPS-Rifle to Heal-Rifle/Heal-Blood. Sort of same issue. Manager tries to switch the Shotty with a Rifle (not allowed) then to switch the Rifle with the Book (allowed). As an end resault i get Shotty/Heal-Blood combo when it should of been Heal-Rifle/Heal-Blood.

@TronQuixote Any chance you still work on the build manager and can take a look since you are already having the right code open?

I asked about how this works when Tron jumped on discord in the weekend, but since he said he was still trying to figure out how the code works, i didn’t want to annoy him with a fairly minor bug xD. It’s just a little awkward to be the sole healer in NYR E1 and realizing your Basic ability took a vacation, when tanks already ran in lol.

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Personally I think it’s a bug one can push a little bit for getting it fixed.
Now is like the best time to adress it since changes to the build manager are in the work anyway, which means now is the extra effort in looking at least into that bug at an all time low. Not saying that the world goes down if it ain’t fixed but it is always nice to smooth such quirks of the system out when you are around a specific part of the code.

That would work if only one of the weapons is a duplicate. But if both (like in the picture) are duplicates then you can load as many times as you want and it will change nothing. The reason it works with 1 duplicate weapon, is because the secondary (the duplicate) does get switched out, so when you repeat the process the primary no longer run into the anti-duplicate issue. With two duplicates they both run into the anti-duplicate though.