Building on critical boss spawn point

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict 1304
Region: EU

someone placed a building over the Skittering Cavern on square E5 and now a boss creature that drops a unique item “The Nemedian” is no longer spawning. This building must be removed as it is basically griefing: players just can’t obtain an item that you can’t get anywhere else. Please do something about this.

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Since it is PVE-C, can you not remove said building by yourself?

Isnt building destruction turned off in PvE-C?

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Wasn’t PVE-C the one with raid times?

Yeah, but in this time-window you can only dmg/kill other players. NOT buildings.


Try asking the owner to remove and offer help with extra materials. If no reasonable solution can be made just wall him in with inward facing spikes and wait for his base to decay. Then remove your walls… problem solved. Devs won’t help as it isn’t essential to the gameplay.
Might be easier to just farm unnamed city for repair kits though, dependant on the size of the offending structure…


You could also get the Godbreaker Boots, they have the same effect as the Nemedian helmet.


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