Call to Action for resident Exiles Photographer

The only reason I didn’t answer is because I am on consoles so I cannot help in this situation , I am happy that @Narelle did , she always does .
Still if it helps ,

  1. Sandstone .
    2 . Insulated wooden (for me the best)
    3 . Stonebrick .
  2. Reinforced stone .
  3. Black ice reinforced wooden .
    Notice , all the dlc items bear the dlc name before them,for example
    “Argosean foundation”
    “Argosean door frame”
    If you find troubles on the placeables , decoratives ,for what is vanilla and what’s not feel free to ask here or in pm .

ps , I only can help on exile lands , we didn’t get Siptah in consoles yet

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There is however one minor detail that puzzles me.
When I got an email notification about the acceptance of the submission, it mentioned the “Tower of the Elephant” contest.
Is this correct? (Because I sent it to the address as given to us above in this topic).
Tower of the Elephant has already come and gone some time ago.


You don’t need to uninstall them. There is a search function in-game for every craft station and the hand craft menu too, with which you can search itens by base game or DLC.

I’ll share this pic of my base’s main street, there’s more in the Share your Shelter thread in the Fanworks section, feel free to use any of them (there’s some great shots of other people’s bases as well). It’s base Conan Exiles, no DLC, not mod-altered. Not the best resolution but, it’s the max I could set to on my backup monitor. My widescreen monitor is busted.

I’ll see if I can up the resolution before sending.

It’s correct, the automated system is just set to an old reply. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

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My dear Funcom and fellow exiles , the last 4 days my console goes overheated and I passed difficult days , trust me . I was so excited that my Easter vacations would match with this competition and when this console overheating happened I knew that my fun days are gone :pensive: . That’s life , isn’t it ? Anyway I tried not to loose my spirit and do whatever I can with the time that console allow me to play , it was about 5 min before I have to turn it down and I had to wait about 10 min to play again , so you can understand the situation :rofl::rofl::rofl: . I tried to build something beautiful (well I think so ) for just one reason , it is my way to say Thank you to all the persons that work for this game . The last 2+ years I play your game , I joined your forum and I live my best gaming days ever . I will upload the photos I manage to take here , feel free to take them if you need them , all yours , I don’t care for the competition I feel winner 2+ years now that I play your game and I don’t need titles , all I need is you to be healthy and continue to fix the game I love so badly . Once again THANK YOU .

ps. I am sorry I couldn’t do more especially with Thralls and decoratives but my time before overheating went to 30 seconds , so even taking these photos was a very difficult thing .


Very nice pics. I like your base, it’s creative but I can see why you’re overheating. :wink: If you have another opportunity to take pictures (without overheating) maybe try hiding your HUD. :+1:

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@DaVice ,It’s still Easter vacations , I need the console to be fixed so I will have to wait 2 days more to take it to a tech . The project is unfortunately half done , it’s impossible to continue , believe me it was really tirefull and frustrating with the condition of my console . I am eagering to get 5 , still I don’t know when I 'll deliver it , they told me about June , so I need to fix my console fast , in my age hobby is important , it’s my escape .

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Thanks @Tascha

Thanks to those of you who sent in your screenshots. We will go over them and contact you for possible inclusion.

I know it takes time to take screenshots, let alone build something so please know that we appreciate you taking part in this :slight_smile: