Cammel stuck in floor

Found one of my cammels stuck in the floor inside our building. Can’t interact with it. Any suggestions?

Have you tried relogging? Is this single player, official server, private server? If online, I imagine this would be amended w/the next server restart.

PVE-C official server 1942 America. Logged in several times. Been a few days now. Still stuck in floor.

Can’t you break the floor.

If you are unable to replace the pet, then you have to wait until the server restarts.
Then you should be able to move the pet like you can do it with the thralls.

How often do the servers reset?

Official servers reset every day … around the same time each day … you can see it in the event log if you have it selected.
In your case, if you can not interact with your camel to either get him to follow you or to lift him with the “move and guard” function, then you will to either:
A) destroy the foundation/ceiling tile he is stuck in so you can then interact with him
B) remove the feed box so he can’t get more food and then eventually he will die … which will take at least ten days I’ve found … more if you had given him extra food before he got stuck.

Thanks for the info

The reset didn’t help. Thanks anyway

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