Can fairly fight it

Fair point my bad never done this before I was fighting the abysmal remnant in the sourer

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I would like to help to help you but I don’t understand the question.

  1. what is “it”?
  2. what do you mean by “bugging out”?

Sorry I thought I specified it i was fighting the abysmal remnant in the sewer and it was flying in the air and it would always fall on me to, no matter what and it would go in the floor sometimes

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Well, the flying around does sound like a glitch, but I’ve never personally seen that one before, myself. Going in the floor, though, that sounds like a specific regular attack, maybe? The Remnant does have an attack where it sinks into the acid and tries to fake you out with a delay before doing a wild lunge outwards at you for a big bite attack

In afraid not it goes in the floor after sinking in that acid and ludging at me and as for the floating it’ll lunge at me and float in 1 spot for a few seconds and either go in the floor or spin until I’m right under it and standing on it

I too was fighting the sewer boss yesterday and much like the Red Mother fight, it would slide around on the ground when it was supposed to be stunned. There is something terribly wrong with bosses staying still when they are supposed to be stunned.

I posted about this bug in April of 2019 Funcom eventually answered with this

IgnasisCommunity Support

Apr '19

Hey there,

Our team has been giving the Abyssal Remnant some much-needed love lately and we’ll release those changes soon in a bigger patch.
Thanks for your feedback.

Whatever “love” they showed it was just not enough by the sounds of it.


I’m not sure this applies to me cause I’m playing on a ps4

Me too mate. Same bug, it’s been around since launch. @communtiy are you aware if this was ever attempted to be patched or did @Ignasi love go unrequinted :upside_down_face:

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I was able to beat it today but it was still buggy I highly dought it but maybe that’ll help in some way?

@Thedarklord ,Well , take a hint how to finish the abysmal fight fast ,either is buggy or not . At the time you enter it’s lair call your thrall to return to you , then take it’s weapon and give to it your bow , if you have dragon bone bow and dragon bone arrows it is a 50 sec fight , you just hold your shield and when it pops out take your daggers and bleed it a lot , if you have venom infused daggers then this fight is a walk in the park :wink: . I didn’t visit the abysmal after the update , maybe I will visit it tomorrow to see if the bug is still there .

ps. Welcome to the community m8👍


The Remnant is really buggy and it has been for more than a year now. I reported the exact same bug you’re dealing with right now, on PC, in June 2020. As luck would have it, it’s one of my bug reports that went unacknowledged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The good news is that I think I’ve managed to find a workaround. Basically, you have to make sure that you always approach the pool from the front and center, as much as you can. If you block the Remnant’s attacks with the shield and you’re not facing it from front and center, it will most likely go out of skew.

The issue seems to be that the client and the server have different information about which way the Remnant is facing, so when the animation gets executed on the client, the Remnant is rendered either floating above the ground or buried beneath it. Since the game first does a hit check on the client and then on the server, it becomes pretty much impossible to hit the Remnant with melee weapons. If the client decides you missed it, it won’t send the attack to the server. If it decides you hit it, it will send the attack and the server will ignore it because you missed it there.

One more tip I can give you is to carry a bow and enough snake arrows (or some other arrows that stack a DOT effect). If the Remnant does go out of sync, you can still shoot it and, eventually, kill it.


Thank you for the advice and I do feel wekcomed


Dot attack?

Damage over time

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Alright 2 things 1 thanks 2 that scared the craps out of me man lol


@Thedarklord once it’s dead read the book and get out of the pit fast. Had it refill before I got out last time. Serious acid burns followed by death.

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Hey there,

We’ve patched up this naughty boss a few times over the years. Our last attempt is with update 2.4. From the patchnotes:

This update will come to PS4 and Xbox prior to the release of Isle of Siptah (which is scheduled to launch on May 27th).


oof feels bad man

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Kinda hurts