Can i create a god's true name from other clan's altar?



That’s what i want to know.


edit: looks like I might be wrong, seems incredibly weird (not me being wrong but using other clans’ facilities), but I can’t say I am sure, so…


wrong, you can create a god coin in any altar even if not your, you can also upgrade the temple, and craft anything. at least on pvp server


in the past on one private server before the decay system was introduced, i was playing as a nomad solo player, using only base and workbench of others players that have been raided, and sleeping outside, with some chests hidden everywhere on map containing my stuffs (there was no decay at this time), it was a very fun gameplay, but now with decay system no more possible.

anyways all workbench and altars are usable even if not your


Yes u can, u can also dupe the hell out of the Sag GOD coin in this broken game. Just about any patch funcom do creates a dupe bug, I would pass on to them how its done but im sure they already know & like most things never do anything about fixing it.


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