Can we talk about the BOB thralls?

My first thrall ever was Beserker Bob (I named him) and bob has TWO distinct bad habits.

  1. Bob loves rocks. He’s super prone to standing on a rock and just STAYING THERE mid fight.

  2. Bob LOVES to block doorways. Anytime I need to get a move on or I’m in any single room, bob puts his burley shoulders in the doorframe and holds me captive.

What does your “Bob” do?


Standing at the edge of a cliff at Shatered springs. No matter how deep I go, she just stays there and monitors me. But giving a hand to help? Aaa, nah man… too dangerous, the gas will destroy my nails!


Bob steals all my kills


on ps4 we press square and order em to move around. my fav bearer thrall, TT melonslap gets em jammed in a doorway and i get a nice view ordering her upstairs lol

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