Can you buy admin rights on offical servers

Ive been playing on an offical us pve server with no problems til two days ago another clan got ill with me about where i was building .on our serve two big clans got apparently got there builds removed by funcom i believe for spam building an ti b fair rightly so but now the clan that got ill with me is saying they reported the two clans an had them removed an now is trying to tell me they bought the admin rights ti the server .i do not think thats even possible i believe more than likely the reported the other two clans an me but i was no removed like they wanted so there trying to tell the did it as admins an i need to follow there rules or question stands just to b absolutely sure can a regular joe buy admin rights or b granted them by funcom on an offical server ??

No, they are lying.

Typical mind games. They are messing with you so you obay to their rules or leave.

Don´t get involved in their mess. Don´t even bother talking to them. The more you talk the more they mess with you. Can go very ugly very fast. Just ignore them and don´t write in chat with them. The less input you give them the sooner they leave you allone because they get bored.

If you write, always stay friendly. You can also get banned for misbehaving in chat. So don´t go that road either. If they don´t stop harassing you I suggest moving on to another server. Its not worth the trouble.

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Try and get a screen grab of them saying they ‘bought’ the admin rights and send a report in via Zendesk. It is against the rules to impersonate members of Funcom staff so therefore is a bannable offence initself.

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Lol :smiley: - definitely not. Non-Funcom Admin rights only possible on un-official, Private servers. Literally no other way. In fact, I would keep track of that clans comms and messages as they suggest that the clan is, as @Tystin and @Chaos314699 say, up to mind-games. Maybe you and your base are intimidating them so they are trying to ‘scare’ you. Who knows :smiley:

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Well said, Winthor. Being ignored will always get under their skin deeper than any comeback or insult you can come with because in absolutely no words at all, you’ve told them that despite all their wasted energy they could not extract one of your greatest resources- your attention.


Hi @Chaos314699

There is no such thing as buying admin rights on our official servers.

As for following rules, here are the official server rules that you need to keep in mind when playing on one of our official servers: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Hope this helps!