Can't interact with anything

The halloween event just ended on ps4 and now I cannot interact with anything in the game. I’ve tried relogging but that didn’t work. I tried shutting the ps4 down then logging back in and that also didn’t work. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem.

Have you died?

I tried removing my bracelet and that did nothing.

Is the clan corekt or have you bean boted from it?

I’m still in my clan.

I can’t interact with npcs either. Tried interacting with the were wolf to get the new religion and was unable

Can you harvest anything?

I can harvest things but i can’t put anything in my chests or take things out. This all started after they removed the halloween event.

If I drop gathered things I can’t pick them back up lol. This is ridiculous.

yeah benches are broke on PC also. Have to remove and replace the thrall then type in the name of the item you want to make then you can only make one at a time, what a f’n joke

Still can’t do a thing. Anyone else. Are the devs doing anything about this. Could play just fine yeaterday now the game is broke.

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