Cant login after update

So here I sit hoping the update would go smooth but I should have known better can’t login at all to Isles Decay timers just changed usually takes them a month to fix this type of thing come on guys get it together. Are we going to be able to open legendary boxes without skeleton keys like they can on PC I guess it doesn’t really matter considering I can’t even get in the game


It really is pathetic that they crash the game every time they provide “improvements”

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I cannot login after update!!! Help!? I was excited but now cant get into my official server 7050! It crashes out to xbox main screen! OMG! Somebody please figure this out!?:frowning:

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How does this kind of bug get past the QA team at funcom? Can’t load into any siptah servers…


Same here. Game crashes to dashboard while trying to load either into Official Online EL PVE or Single Player Siptah PVE Server.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on this.

The team is still looking into this issue and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.


I’m so tempted to uninstall and reinstall but thatd take days! Lol

I hope they can fix this as fast as they flagged my 2nd and 3rd post as spam :slight_smile:

Hers a thought, test something before you release it!


I must admit, I do love this game. I play it with a close relative across the country. We have a blast with all it offers. However, when you cant even access your game that is really impactful in a negative way. I see the future potential for them to offer new building materials that look cool and are different, new exciting weapons and armor, possible character appearance modifiers (ie helmets dont destroy your awesome hair lol), etc. Ok I’m bored because I cannot play Siptah!!! Hurry funcom before I start going back outside! Hahha

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ja het zelfde hier dat het maar rap fixen mijn decay timer staat op 30 uur . sipta en exile lands singel werkt niet ik kom dit stillaan moe.

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For those of you who can no longer play siptah after the update, I uninstalled siptah addon and reinstalled it and it didnt fix the issue. :frowning:

mechien heb je modders nodig om het te fixen .meshien de boel eraf gooien tis altijd iets kan nu nog mijn gebouwen verliezen achter een half jaar.

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This is very concerning that a company with a large fan base does not care better for it’s paying customers. It’s very obvious that not a single developer or tester even tried to play siptah on a home machine.

You have to understand the anger xbox users must feel with how you are respecting them. Last year you scuttled it in your patch. I never understood why you didn’t revert back.

Now once again we are faced with an aspect of the game that is completely not playable. Fortunately Exiles works. But what about all the time and effort fans have paid you people for and all the time they have invested into their virtual worlds to have it completely shut down.

Additionally, you do realize the fear us xbox users have now with regards to a patch. After last year, are we going to wait for 6 months or longer for this to be fixed? Great game but horrible patch.

Again, as CEO, I would be asking my team why did not a single person try and play this on their console?

This is embarrassing frankly and extremely frustrating.

If you are unable to address this with a patch in the next day or two I would recommend doing a roll back. This is unacceptable.


it’s not only Siptah.

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exiles works for me after patch both online and existing player game … siptah is a write off

neither EL nor Siptah does load for me.

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Can we get an ETA on getting our game back?

After update I can’t login in on Siptah official PVE-C server 7089. I tried single player and I also get kicked when trying to load the game.

Exiled Lands official server 2732 is working.

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exile lands werkt wel voor mij server 2012 eu official