Can't login into ANY server

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash | Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: DE

Hi. I can’t login into any server, even with or without a mod. I select the server, for Example ‘DRUCKWELLE Conan Exiles’, a server without any mod, the login process starts, I get the few pic changes, and then ‘Beitritt zum gewünschten Spiel fehlgeschlagen’ (Failed to join the game you requested - google translate) and it drops me back to main menu. This was a week ago, then I was on holiday until Friday, and on Friday and Saturday morning I could login and play after getting an update. But since Saturday evening this problem occurs again. I have reinstalled the game completely on an empty SSD (Disk E:), incl Steam until now.

Single Play works, but that’s not what I want.

I need help!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey @AkkadianWarrior

Welcome to our community.
Do the servers you try to log in have any ping limit and if so, what is your reported ping to those servers?
You mention that this happens in any server, but just to confirm, could you try logging into any official server of your region?
Also, in case you installed any mod in the past, make sure to disable and uninstall it. In case there’s some leftovers, you should also try to delete the workshop folder.

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The ping reoported is between 33 and 60 ms. How can I find out what the ping limit is?

I have reinstalled the mods, incl. deleting all files, I have reinstalled the game three times, incl. deleting the complete folder and the last time I change the harddrive from E to F. I use a SSD for better performance. On Saturday morning I was able to login and play a while, but since Saturday evening nothing works.

I get no telling error message, only ‘You can’t get in’. Is it possible to check a log file anywhere?

I am desperate, I spend so many time to fix this problem. Reinstall the game takes about 30 hours …

Thanks …

Hey @AkkadianWarrior

You can check the latest logs in your game installation folder, Saved -> Logs. Can you see any relevant information in the latest ones?

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a few lines in SilentEvents.log, corresponding to login-failures:

,{“Time”:“2019-10-22T18:31:04.149Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1241,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}

I have s cript that logs ping and it says that the ping time goes up to 90ms when login failed. otherwise around 20ms

I’m logged in and the script shows a max ping around 23ms.

Hi. Ping limit of the server is set to 0.

After an update of about 13GB I could login yesterday for exact one (!) time. Today I can’t login into any server, the only message i get is ‘You can’t login’ (Beitritt nicht möglich).
If I know what’s the reason is I can fix it, but no one tells me! Is it because my router fails? Is it because the Server has a blacklist? Is it because the sun is shining?
What can I do?

No one who could help? If I know the reason for login failure, I can fix it. …

In the file ‘SilentEvents.log’ there are some error messages like:

,{“Time”:“2019-10-28T22:59:15.780Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1241,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}

Does this mean I need a new router? I have an old one …

Hey @AkkadianWarrior

Apologies for the late response.
Just in case, could you try using a VPN to see if it lets you in a server normally?

No, same problems with VPN. I bought a new router and I try to install it tomorrow. Then we will see …

Singleplayer game works fine. I have played a few hours without any problem with and without any mods.

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Please let us know if the new router helps getting into any server.

Hi. The router was delivered today and I just installed it. But it doesn’t work either. SP works, but playing on a server does not. Tomorrow I will reinstall the OS Windows 7, that will take a while. I will let you know …

Windows 10 would be an option, but what about Linux? What I would prefer … g

Hey @AkkadianWarrior

The game does not officially support Linux. We would recommend Windows 10.

Ok. Another few issues:

  • I can play for hours after a server restart. but after a logout I will not come in anymore.
  • With an empty mod list, the game restarts to load the current modlist of the server. Then I can play again for hours

I have made a backup and can now reinstall the system. Please tell me that I do not need that …

We’d recommend upgrading to Windows 10 regardless. As robust as Windows 7 is, it’s considered an old OS which is also going to be officially discontinued in a couple of months.
As per the modlist connection issue, we’ve sent note to our team to see if there might be an issue in that regard.


After a fresh installation of the operating system, everything is going well again.

I think the network stack was probably damaged. A big problem was that the problem was so unspecific. Unfortunately, the error message from Conan Exiles gave no indication of the cause. And the problem only occurred with CE, all other programs were running. Browser, Mail, Minecraft, Internet Radio - Everything worked fine.

Therefore, I have a suggestion: Please find a way to generate something clearer error messages than now just ‘server connection interrupted’ or ‘access to the game not possible’.

Thread can be closed. Thanks to all.

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We’ll send that suggestion to our team.
Thanks for keeping us updated and glad to hear the issue finally got resolved.

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