Can't see some servers

i am coming back to game after some time, i used to play on online PvP official server.
After servers were broken and fixed (weren’t working for around a week i think it was july) i wasn’t able to see a few of servers on which i played (my friend was able to see and join them) which included: 1200,1313 and many more servers. Since i really wanted to play on these particular one so i tried a few things things, made a post here describing a bug but i ended up finding solution myself : when i use vpn i am able to join these servers without a problem, but it raised my ping, which is the reason i want to join these normally.
disclaimer: i never cheated in this game but when servers were broken they were moments during which ppl were able to log in and servers keept crashing after some time, and becouse of fact that i was in in the unnamed city with all my valuables i wanted to log in and go to safe place, so i ended up trying to log in many times during short time peroids i don’t know if that’s the reason but i t might be usefull
I live in Poland

step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced: game
2.chose any mode
3.try to find your server sad becouse you can’t find it
5.turn on Vpn
6.join your favourite server but with higher ping

Make sure the server list is sorted by All.

I don’t know why turning on VPN is a workaround for this issue.

Have you tried using ‘direct connect’ to just manually connect to the server via IP address?

Hey @Timothy

Could you try the suggestions posted above?
If they don’t work and VPN is the only way you’re able to connect, could you let us know your ISP to see if there’s any possible issue we can see on our end?

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