Celebrating one year of Metal: Hellsinger!


It’s already been one year since we released Metal: Hellsinger and let me tell you, it’s been one hell of a ride. But before we delve deep into memories hell, let me start with this: none of this would have been possible without YOU.

You have been the best, most dedicated, most creative, most compassionate bunch of fun demons we could have ever asked for. You embraced the hell and chaos of the Unknown’s song since the very first day you got your claws on our game and never let go. And yes, Dave (our creative director) still gawks at the 97% Overwhelmingly Positive Steam rating every day and sighs like he was 666 years young all over again. Thank you all for that.

Over this past year you’ve been pouring your love and support for us with your kind comments, kick-ass fanart (check some examples below!), and a behemoth-ton of leaderboard records we thought impossible to beat. I’ll say it once again, you have been the best community we could ever have asked for.

But now, let’s focus on ME :nail_care: (tal: Hellsinger). This has been a work of passion for our devmons at The Outsiders. Even though these are grizzled vets from the industry, this has been their first published game as a kick-ass team and I believe you can tell from the very second you open the main menu that this is a work of love. So seeing all your positive reactions to it has been humbling and overwhelming.

We opened to strong reviews from the videogaming press and we have been nominated for, and won, so many awards. Shila (our executive producer) and the whole The Outsiders team are overwhelmed with gratitude. Our last award win was very recently, bagging the Professional Game of the Year award at the Swedish Game Awards! So THANK YOU once again.

We truly are thankful and humbled by all this support coming from the community and press, and that’s why we’ve been able to return the love with a bunch of free updates to the game. Since launch, we’ve added Beat Assist mode, the new Archdevil difficulty, song selection, an in-game artbook as well as sigils with unlockable cosmetics.

Along with these we also released Mod Tools on PC so you can add your music to the game, and improved support for it in a later update. And to top it all off, we’ve been working on fine-tuning the already hellish balance and mechanics of the game to make it feel more enjoyable and rewarding to blast through the hells.

Earlier this year we also released Dream of the Beast, our first DLC pack which added Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos to the already goated lineup with two new songs that quickly became fan-favorites. We also introduced new outfits for the Unknown (and of course, you did the thing and fan-arted the hell out of it), and a new weapon. And thanks to your input, we released the Essential Hits Pack a few months later, with 8 new licensed songs for those of you who wanted new genres added into the game!

To celebrate our first year anniversary, we have started a sale on Steam where you can grab the base game, as well as the released DLC and bundle for a discounted price! We’re running this sale from today, September 15, until September 25! Complete your collection and/or tell your best friend about it!

And if you’re on PlayStation, we’re also on sale until September 27! Grab the main game and all the content released with up to 50% discount (and even extra % if you’re a PS+ subscriber!)

This has been one exciting year for us all, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end! We have been working on some surprises we’re pretty confident you will love, so keep an eye out for any news in our social channels (or little teases in celebration pictures haha…HA).

Thank you for this amazing year and rock on, demons!

The Metal: Hellsinger team.

PS: Before you ask, we are still working hard on bringing the soundtrack to streaming services. We will keep you updated once we have more news to share.


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