Chill progression / PVP

Server name: Chill progression/ PVP
Server type: PVP
Console: Ps4
Region: NA WEST

I dont know about all of you, but I wanted to be able to play on a server that was as vanilla as possible, so I made my own , so i didnt have to deal with the savages in official servers that are already established and all ready to destroy me. Ideally I just want to do the quest line, collect all the emotes, and finish all the dungeons , but If you find your way into my server, expect me to come find you and see how you’re trying to play, dont worry, I’m friendly.

I want to start a server that is appealing to all types of players, Come check it out!

(SIDE NOTE : I have temporarily disabled purge until a few players get in the game, once I see a few people in the server, I will inform you the day I plan on enabling it again)