Come join me Conan ps4

PS4)I’m looking for a few people to join my Gportal server. It’s currently just me and my girlfriend playing. It’s PvE only. We have a 20 slot server. The settings are pretty much all normal with the exception of Corruption lowered and resources set to 2.

Id love to join the server, I am “new” in the sense that I have play a lot of games like this before, but not long in this one specifically. I am just looking for a place to build a base and explore the game, see what kind of shenanigans i can get into without getting trolled/raided/pointlessly killed lol

Lol perfect. That is exactly what we are doing. I can’t play as often as I’d like so I increased the material resources gathered to 2. I will message you the information to join.

Is this in EU? :slight_smile:

No, I’m in the USA.