🏆 Conan Exiles PvP/PVE Arena Event - Clash of Champions!

Server name: Practically Vanilla PVP

Discord: discord.gg/km2wA3Epu4

Conan Exiles PvP/PVE Arena Event - Clash of Champions!

Greetings, brave Exiles of our server! Prepare your swords, sharpen your axes, and unleash your fury in the ultimate battle - The Clash of Champions PvP/PVE Arena Event!

Date: [Sunday 07/30/2023]
Time: [2pm EST start time]
Location: [GridMark C7]

Event Details:
Gear up and get ready for thrilling battles as we pit player against player in our custom-built PvP arena. Engage in fierce combat, showcase your skills, and claim the title of Champion!

Gear will be provided for players to choose from so its a fair and even match. Attribute points can be player chosen create your own build !!!

The glory doesn’t come without rewards! The victorious Champion will be showered with riches, rare loot, and a prestigious title to show off their prowess (Discord Rank)

Fun and Fair Play:
We value sportsmanship and respect, so let’s make this event enjoyable for everyone. All participants are expected to adhere to the rules and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

How to Join:
To participate, simply react with the :+1: emoji below so we can get an estimate. Don’t miss your chance to rise as the ultimate champion of the Exiled Lands! <— Join our discord !!!

PvE Betting:
For those who prefer a spectator’s role, we’ve got something exciting for you too! Place your bets on the brave warriors you think will emerge victorious. Bet coins on PvP/PVE combatants, and if your chosen champion wins, you’ll double your coins! It’s time to make some money on the bets and prove your prediction skills.

Spread the word, invite your friends, and let’s make this PvP Arena Event one for the ages! Together, we’ll create memories that echo through the Exiled Lands.

May Crom guide your weapons, and fortune favor the bold!

Betting Currency will be Ancient Obolus Coins

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See you in the arena!