Conan exiles Xbox One fail to place building

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Single player co-op

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Single player co-op

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Xbox One s, I think, white console

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When building after a random time frame error message pops up fail to place building. Currently trying to build in 12 c. Decent architecture by the way I’m good at what I do. No I mean better than that, better than you thinking. My first house social 2.3 m and that is when I was in high school.

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  1. Just build, and to build well with a well thought out plan
  2. Keep building
  3. Rethink the way you built and remove some pieces and put some pieces back make it better.
  4. Then make it better than the better always try to one up yourself.
  5. (etc)


Thank you for your report. Did you check the piece where you are trying to attach for its stability?

You can do so by getting close to it and pressing Tab or with a repair hammer.

We await your reply.

Certain pieces can sometimes require placement in a specific order, ie vaulted ceilings.

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Yes I’ve tried both of what you guys are speaking of. I am a 50-year-old man who has done a lot of building in his life both in video games and somewhat in reality. Will explain video games to be honest with you LOL. I would have done building in real life if it wasn’t for a high school drafting teacher that stole my work and sold my first house that I drafted that I found out 10 years later sold for 2.5 million. Sob. LOL after that it kind of was a little too discouraging to go on. Nevertheless some of my drafting skills are still away ahead of its time and I’m waiting for the rest of the world to catch up but by that time I may be dead.

Like I I’ve drawn many houses and things that are tornado resistant almost 22 proof hurricane resistant and almost proof. Houses that you can move the interior walls anywhere you want while the electricity and plumbing will still work once the wall is set and locked into place just like my first house. Where it will heat and cool efficiently or you don’t actually need an air conditioner unit or heating unit most of the time except for an extreme weather. The list goes on and on and on or it’s a completely self-sufficient house without the need for electronics.

Thanks for the reply by the way.

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