Conan Official No Cheaters NA PvP

No boosts, no admin made buildings or interference, just an official server where cheaters are dealt with.

Same rules apply as any official, this is not meant to feel like a custom or modded server. The purpose of this server is to provide reprieve for players who are tired of cheaters being unaddressed.

The assigned admin doesn’t play on the server and only joins to check reports of meshing, speed hacks, etc. Players found cheating are perma-banned.

Server is paid out for 6 months.
Direct connect -
Name - Official Server Moderated #0000

US server.

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Yep, thank you!

Hey everyone new to this but how to I report cheater I’m on a server where this clan is under meshed

You can’t it’s not a real Official server but a private server the OP gave it away.