Conan Xbox One crashes every time I try going back to any server I was previously playing on

Game mode: [Pve - Conflict]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [United States]

I am free and able to join a server without a crash, play on it for awhile, and log off. But every server I do that to crashes when I try returning to the server to continue my progress. Is this something I’m doing wrong? I got the game yesterday on disc.

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I think that’s the same problem I have. Try going into single player, just create a new character, and then once you’re able to move ect. log out, and go to the server, you want to play on. That works for me.

I have the game installed on a 4TB external drive from seagate that connects to my Xbox but my friend has Conan installed directly to his Xbox and he crashes here and there with other problems me personally I get the occasional crash but rarely I think the game pushes the Xbox hard if game is installed directly on the Xbox … hope this helps

Otherwise just load a singleplayer char, then walk around for 1 min, then leave, and join the server you actually want to play on.

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