Confused on which AR to mainhand

I am really confused on which AR to mainhand. I’ve bought a Hellfire of energy, a MIRV of energy, and a KSR of Recovery (because that’s the only ones available). I know the current meta has you spamming incendiary grenades and it seems that KSR seems to be the only one capable of that but then someone said that KSR is crap and that I should pick MIRV or Hellfire and I’m really torn on which to pick

Hellfire is a pure loss in DPS.

MIRV of Havoc is about equal to KSR of Energy. You may also want to consider Yield of Energy (AR benefits mostly from Energy traits, MIRV being one exception).

MIRV and High Yield are good long-term, KSR has an advantage on short fights since you can use your energy up quickly.

MIRV is only as good as High Yield if the boss is big enough the additional explosions hit at least twice.

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How big would a boss need to be to get hit with 2 explosions? Also, couldn’t i mitigate energy drain with KSR by using talismans that give me energy?

Hellfire is meant more as an offhand though if you can’t spare a slot for the 2 energy elite that is incendiary grenade, you’re better off with another weapon

Roughly speaking it’d need a 2m diameter so it’s not single humanoid monsters, but regional/megabosses are fine. Most scenario bosses let me hit twice.

so i’m guessing most of the DW, HR, HE, Pol, and Ankh bosses would be too small for multiple explosions to hit them

for that matter, what IS the current AR main meta?

KSR of Energy for short fights, scenarios, and dung things that die fast enough to not really matter. MIRV of Havoc for more complicated life and more DPS in longer fights. MIRV is good as secondary.

Of Energy is not needed but cannot be “compensated” by talismans. KSR does more damage only if you have infinite energy. Which you don’t have. You need to get like 7 energy in 3-4s, depends on secondary, to get any bonus damage from KSR over generic one. More if you want to beat AR’s that actually do damage (like MIRV). Of Energy brings you like 0.4 of that (compared to 4.5 - 5.5 you get from maxed gear, 1 you get from Vali, 1 you get from SH, 0.5 from Cold Silver Dice, etc.) more you get, more grenades you shoot.

But if you are unsure, then KSR is the best for you. More universal, much more easy to handle in everyday life. And you will likely get higher numbers when you get crit streak in short fights (also die more often to unwanted agro, but that’s tanks problem… :P)

So assuming you’re not shooting leetle, leetle, men , Mirv is better than High Yield?

if at least two of five hits then yes. That’s around Jinn size boss.

Also keep in mind that if you’re using High Yield you’re probably going to run HEG as your elite (since bonus), where as with Mirv (and def KSR) you might choose a different elite from an offhand weapon etc. So, also keep that in mind when choosing since if you REALLY like a specific elite it would make a difference on which weapon would be optimal for that as well.