Congratulate on the new slaves animation

I always come here to give ideas and even complain about something, but today I want to come compliment and acknowledge a great addition to the game.
I always complained that the base slaves looked like “dummies” no living human would stand still without moving.
Today I got a big “scare” when out of the blue I saw one of my slaves “move”, I even thought it was a bug, or that I had seen something “wrong”, but I soon started to notice that you did one of the best Game updates, add “life” to slaves.
I want to congratulate the team for the great work in the game over the last few days, you really have found your way back, and had been lost for a while. I bought to “help the game”, this my 8th DLC I bought because I really wanted her items, the curtains … really were beautiful at the base.
I want you to keep working on this and make the NPCs more and more realistic, after all this “human / realistic” footprint is the game’s flagship, I want to see more and more of my slaves “moving” and expressing actions.
I am one of the players who was passionate about the game, who felt that he had “lost his temper” and now feels again that he is worth it again, which means you are on the right track.
Keep working hard and adding the game to the things we really want / ask, which we will always be willing to help by buying DLCs as approval of what is being done.
This time thanks!


As a player that have been asking the same, all thumbs up for this!

Now we need a passive option, be able to put emotes on thralls and have these idle animations on pets too!

With these 3 things i won’t have to complain anymore! RP players will be able to make cities and tell a story by using thrall emotes!

By the way, i’m very gratefull too that at least now they heard one of our cries :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just avoid putting noises on pet idle animations, while i love, most ppl don’t like it xD

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Glad to hear this has re-ignited Your passion for the game.
I, too, was shocked to see the new animations. It’s really brought life to my bar, and disco on my Pve-c build.
However for PvP… I fear this may be a very controversial addition.

thats why i want the passive option for thralls

I really hope they keep working on it, the slave system is the main “goal / feature” of the game and I saw this incredible idea very badly “deepened” working on the slaves is working on the biggest symbol of the game, what sets it apart from all others.
I hope they make even more animations and increasingly be “organic” and alive and nothing “predictable” that agent really feels “commanding a working base” and not alone surrounded by dolls, they have now started this, and this is very good.
I hope they will also make new dance animations for the dancers, and that different “categories” of slaves have “different behaviors” as warrior, transporter, prisoners … and for example T4 warriors (nominees) could have a more “imposing” behavior. and prisoners could behave quite “submissively”.
I’m very happy that they are working on this, my biggest order in the game, and the “mounts” my second biggest order.
Now I just have to get in the game and the water and the “coconut trees” are reformulated, then I would buy the 8 DLCs I already bought just to celebrate lol big hug to all!

Now if we can also get passive/aggresive commands and an animation wheel for thralls were really talking

I shouldn’t have the stop running animations forced on my character.

Other than the constant coughing, the only animation that gets old quick is the foot shuffle when you stop moving. I understand the shuffle when you run a distance and come to a stop. However, when I take two steps, the shuffle looks more like the pee-pee dance.

Maybe adjust the use a little?

Agree the team deserves congratulations for a lot on the latest patches.
The animations really add a lot to the atmosphere of bases! Can’t wait for mounts! And hopefully sorcery!

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Agreed, and if you are walking it shouldn’t happen at all, nobody has that much trouble stopping when they’re walking, unless they have an injury or physical handicap that would affect control of their legs, and I’m pretty sure the Exiles do not fit either category.

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