🥳 Congratulations Funcom on your 30th anniversary

@Community Congratulations Funcom on your 30th anniversary.

My deepest respect for this hell of a ride over such a long period of time.
I’ve known you since the beginning and played a lot of your games.
Thank you for this video that brings back all those gaming memories.

30 Years in the gaming industry is indeed an incredible achievement.
In these years we have seen many, sometimes really great developers and publishers come and go,
but Funcom has survived all these ups and downs, which is not a matter of course.

I look positively into the future and wish you many more wonderful years in the gaming industry.
Thank you for your hard work and the love and sweat you put into your projects.
May this journey and your ride never end. :partying_face:

Yours sincerely
Sir Bowen


Thanks for the positive note wish we would see more
@SirBowen . @nitecat we new it happens.

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