Connection to server disconnected!

server disaster “connection to server disconnected” !!! after 5 days we finally had the purge on an official server and in the 15 minutes of the purge me and my friend were disconnected from the server at least 20 times.
even if you wanted to start the game immediately after disconnecting you get back to the main menu after the loading screen, only a complete restart of the console gave us 2 minutes more until the error came back.

the error occurs very often throughout the day even without purge and since yesterday’s prge catastrophe it has just become unplayable for me.

I play on the XBOX Series X and the official server PvE EU 2022.


Happening to lots of us. Would be nice to get word from Funcom about a fix timeframe.


Yes, Players/Thralls in combat with an large number of enemies seem to be breaking the game, something has definitely gone wrong in the coding, high quantities of attack and damage calculations is stressing out the system


We have been having the same issue. Every purge we’ve had causing multiple disconnects
Official N.A. 2726
Xbox series X
Both wired and wireless connections
Connection speeds testing just under 500 down.
5 clan members all having this issue

Just to add to the growing list of people reporting this problem. I’m teamed up with another clan on #2000. We help each other out with purges. During the last six or seven purges all four players (two from each clan) have been disconnected, multiple times, and have often been unable to reconnect until the purge round or purge itself has ended.

If and when you do reconnect, you’re usually disconnected again in seconds or when the next purge round starts.

Today, there were three of us, on round four or five of a Rocknose purge. We were all disconnected at the same time and all were unable to reconnect for more than a few seconds at a time for around 30 minutes. During the disconnections several companion thrall (that were on follow) were killed, their bodies decayed and their gear lost. The base also took massive damage as no one was able to mount a defense.

A similar scenario has occurred during every single purge over the last month or so.

In addition, random disconnects occur whenever you end up in a mob fight of more than a couple of enemies (eg. in Sepermeru).

It would make sense to postpone purges until a fix can be implemented.

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It’s been mostly 3 skull enemies that do it for me. Been kinda avoiding them. But today it’s been random. Low populated areas or common enemy fights mostly. I agree purges should be paused. Purges must be broken too because I got purged yesterday at 5pm. Thought it was 6-10. This problem should be priority #1 to fix as it affects all platforms and game modes.

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Same by me Purge and the Game is unplayable… game kicks me out over and over again ! plz fix it !

Isle of Siptah official pve server 2130, Xbox One . Lately The Red Mother causes server disconnects, as did the last purge. First time the server disconnected, my best Greater Sabretooth was killed by The Red Mother before I could log back in as well.

Lost connection. Exile lands. Official server.

Getting ridiculous the amount of lost connections I’m getting, any area with increased activity seems to cause it, given up using food and potion bonuses as I’m just wasting them, trying to level up thralls is next to useless at present.

Fix your shit Funcom :imp:

Happening to me as well on PVE server 2501. It seems like it crashes if there is too much stuff happening on screen. Sometimes it happens when fighting multiple mobs, or sometime just riding mount in to a new area and the game crashes loading the details or something.

This happens to me and my friends several times a day, especially during big fights, a sandstorm, or when walking by a huge base. It is frustrating, and there’s really no solution.

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