Constantly crashing Game after few seconds

Game mode: [Online | Conflict Server 2018]
Problem: Constantly crashing Game after few seconds. All night yesterday. My swiss mate had no trouble, my other german mate however had the same issue…
Region: Everywhere

Bought one of your slightly overprized DLCs, only to not be able to play the game in the evening due to cennectivity problems. Still find it quite fitting that you guys changed your logo to what appears to be a customer, yelling out his frustration. Now all you need to do is replace the flag with a Dollarbill… XD

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I know it’s not a permanent fix, but have you tried the old join single player for a few minutes and then hop into a server trick?

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Nope. Is that a thing? Nice to know. Thanks mate…

It is indeed a thing. Just looked it up again to make sure I got the steps right. Basically, hop into single player, run around in circles for a few minutes. Then exit to main menu, then join a server. Obviously not ideal, but it does the trick for most people.


Allright. Still a shame this was never fixed… got better though. THX

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