Cool down effect from ground

Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug Misc]
Region: is

When near my building or a npc camp when you activate the ground right next to a piece you get cool down effect but can’t tell if it’s getting water

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Gloatingtomb6, could you please elaborate on what do you mean by activating the ground next to a piece?

When you look at the dirt and hit x I was trying to open a chest and loot body but missed and did it on ground and I had cooling buff but I’m finding random spots it also gives it like bushes I harvest with my hand to many times or to fast and I get cooling but when I look at ground and hit the active button just randomly :joy:

Are there any water sources within or close to those areas?

Could you share a screenshot as an example for one of these occurrences?

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I did notice something similar yesterday while testing something else in singleplayer on PC (that required multiple fresh saves/characters) - several times I did exactly as @Gloatingtomb6 describes - missed a box or went to pick up a stick, and twice (2 separate characters) I received the ‘drink’ journey step, despite being several metres away from the water’s edge and not pointed towards it. That said, I can’t understand how this could be happening on both XBox and PC without having noticed it before, since we’re currently on different versions :man_shrugging:

I know shores on siptah have water on sand, and yeah, you drink every time you pick up something up even if it appears too far from where you actually see waterline

In my case it was EL, but I may just not have noticed it on Siptah. The thing that strikes me as odd is that I’ve never noticed it before, so would have expected it to be something to do with the Siptah update (and probably inter-connected with the fish traps issue) - except that Gloatingtomb6 is on XBox, which means it can’t be related to the Siptah update, at least in his case. It’s an odd one.

just checked EL, and same thing around noob river shores, far from water and drinking by hitting grass or rock/ground
I’m on a PC btw, but it appears to be unrelated to platform

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I tried near noon river and some places there no water near but just almost every where I cannot find a place it doesn’t happen he’ll volcano had this twice but oooo that lava was to :cold_face: after I drank its

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