Cosmetic improvements and vanity camera (screenshot)

There were old threads (by me I think), about the three suggestions, but they got closed by time, so it’s about time to bring then up again:

  1. Fair skin, one skin yet fairer than the one already in game, for when we want to make that almost blue fair nordhaimer.

  2. Hair shader/texture could use some work on blondes and red, dark tones are great, but blonde and red hair looks washed out and strange.

  3. Better vanity camera controls for screenshoting our characters! The bodies are great, the warpaints are great, the armor and cloting are great, the scenary and buildings are great! We need a screenshot mode where we can move the camera, pan, zoom, to get better screenshots of all of the great thinks Conan Exiles has to offer!

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What I had in mind is a screenshot mode, where you can detach the camera from the character a good distance and move it freely up down sideways, kind of like free camera mode console command from Skyrim.
MMO Black Desert online has this feature too, you click a command and can move camera away and all directions to get a better screenshot.

That would be very good, just the vanity camera that exists already is too lacking, I’ve even looked up unreal engine equivalent of fly camera but could not find it to this day.

On console it’s even worse cause there is no button mapping for vanity camera, some months ago you could plug in a keyboard on xbox one and have it work on Conan Exiles, but it seens to have been patched out now.

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