Crafted items not showing in inventory

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I keep crafting work benches and they don’t show in my inventory to place. They take up weight in my inventory but not able to see or interact with them at all. I’ve logged out and back. No luck. Deleted the character and started over. Same issue. Also…why is there no options to file reports in game? I have to post a topic on a forum page? Sigh…

Try and look in your radial quick menu. :wink:

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If there is free “space” in the radial menu items (also crafted benches etc.) will be put in a free space in the radial menu.
It happened to me before that I surely build stuff and it didn’t show up in inventory (because it “sit’s” in the radial menu and waits to be used directly :slight_smile:

Yes like they said. no tutorial for that lol just have to read controller setup.