Crashes while moving Thralls and building pieces not connecting

Single player, no mods

  1. Having crashes while moving thralls
  2. Not able to attach walls, ceiling tiles, door frames to Arena arched ceiling pieces. I have to replace the arched pieces with a ceiling tile then attach the wall, etc. Then replace the ceiling tile with the curved piece I want to use. This has been the case with any of the curved ceiling pieces.

Edit: Crash when dying Thrall armor. All crashes have been when working with a Thrall in some way.

Just completed second test purge. Castle slightly redesigned, purge initiated without issue (Tier 2). I got trapped inside the castle as the thralls inside all rushed the doors so had to use admin-fly to get out. By the time I got out the mercenaries (9 squads, one captain, 8 fighter) had vanished. This was an improvement over last time when they just stood there and distracted my fighters who were attacking them along with the attacking force.

Returning issue - After defeating enemy commander, retrieving keys and freeing captive, the captive game a message that I did not have rights to the captive. This happened on Purge Test 1 also.

Greetings Bourbon!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

In order for us to properly assess this, could you please share with us a video of the crashes you’ve been experiencing with the Thralls and the issue with the building pieces please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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