Credits of Ca' d'Oro are back?


Am I the only one seeing this? Is it one of my mods doing funny things, or is it really back? Perhaps the currency will be reintroduced in Season 2?

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Or it’s a known issue in the patch notes that should be removed in the next content update…

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It was caused accidently by the latest patch, though I personally find Andy’s explanation and resolution slightly suspect:

Ah. That wasn’t there when the patch notes were first posted. That still doesn’t mean they won’t show up in S2 :stuck_out_tongue:

The explanation at the end does have a bit of a “nothing to see here, keep moving folks” sound to it :grinning:


Yep. Almost feels like maybe the flag to display that currency was accidentally left on with the last patch. Why would it be turned on in the first place? Maybe it’s on in the internal dev builds right now… hmm…

Or not. Stranger things have happened by accident.

Huh! That’s an Oreo. Named a Credit Card’Oro.


It’s not new, I think this was the icon for the scenario currency (aureus of initiation, Aka oreos).

…and friends call me The Flash… :slight_smile:

There’ll be a new token type when Dawn of the Mornlinglight launches, yes. They will not be called “Credit of Ca’ d’Oro” nor will it have the Aureus icon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you all introducing new currency just so that in a couple of years you can combine them all again?

Will the new currency be actual Oreos at least? :slight_smile:

Sorry, no cookies this time.

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Missed opportunity.

Darn it :anguished: puts away huge mug of coffee

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Jaffa Cakes? What’s the truth, are they are cake or a cookie? I feel like we’ve been lied to all this time and they are in fact a type of sugarcoated soggy cardboard.

In all seriousness, I feel like KG needs a cookie jar to hand out patronisingly to well-performing agents.

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I’ll take this as an official confirmation that EXODUS will have cookies.

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Marks of Devotion?

Also, what is a Mornlinglight? :thinking: the opposite of an evenlinglight?

I can’t wait to see what it’s for!!

Will it be how my beloved Mr Ruffles returns to me? :>