Cyclone x3H x5xp New NA Pve Server 4 Mods Active Admins

Cyclone x3H x5XP-Pippi,Glass Const,Pickup+ and Aoc
Server IP
Server rates are x3H x5XP PVE
Admins at this time are Barshots and Rayek
Feel free to add me on steam Barshotz and Discord Barshots#2540
Discord Server
Mod List load order is
Pippi ID 880454836
Glass Constructions ID 901911361
Pickup+ ID 864199675
The Age Of Calamitous ID 1113901982
Heres a link to the mods used.

The server is new and trying to get some more new players. We have a few normal players but more would be nice and lots of open land to claim.
Difficulty of server is raised due to Aoc weapons being strong also server settings have been changed alot to make building,crafting,climbing fun…ect. Events will take place once we get a higher player base. If you haven’t seen The Age Of Calamitous Mod your missing out on a new game experience.
I am working on some nice currency rewards and portals that help and cost pippi currency which is earned from ingame… I’m trying to make the game fun but not break it.

The mods that i have work well and maybe someday we could add more. Come have fun and I’m open to suggestions to make the server good.

Servers rules are simple Don’t build to close to other people that it will cause them not to able to build unless you ask them or it will be removed.

One base main base and a small base to get thralls are ok. Thrall wheels by towns must be away from the town enough that you don’t disrupt the spawn and by a small base. If your done with it then remove it or pick it up if using the new ones or the Gods will smite it

Looks awesome. I’ll be around for sure. Thanks.