Database for IDs to avoid mod conflicts

Hmmm… Java language requires all classes and packages to be named. So It’s a good practice for Java coders to register their own domain names (which are unique thanks to worldwide DNS system which takes care of that) and use them as names for their packages (and prefixes for all of their classes). So EVERY Java class on earth has unique name. We here in Steam have unique ID for every account, don’t we? Steam takes care of that. Why not to use it as prefix for object IDs? Let’s make it “a good practice” for CE modding if it’s possible technically (I mean number of digits in such IDs).

A quick overview is on the wiki now:

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback let us know here or on the discord - or modding discord in this case (tips and tricks channel)

Hey again @Scopique ,

As for Enum IDs, the ones modders use, there’s now a channel on the modding discord to provide them and retrieve them.

(just fyi I assume you’re not Ephraim, who set the channel up :sweat_smile:)