Dedicated Modded Server: Switching in-game maps be able to have different mod list for each game map database?

Hello Conan Exiles (Funcom) Support:

I have a server with numerous mods (46 currently) and was wondering if we decide to switch for a while to Isle of Siptah, will there be a new mod list available for the new server map or do we need to reset the mods each time we switch maps?

I ask this since we (and other servers) use for example River Boats of the Exile Rivers, dungeon mods, Darkwoods, etc. that will only work on the original Exiled Lands map.

Second question, if we do need to swap out mods every time we switch maps, is there an easy way to fix that such as updating the modlist text file like the one on the client’s/player’s computer? I am not too familiar with the back-end of the gaming servers. I always use the Gportal menu options, not the FTP server back-end. So any assistance that can make this process easier for Admins would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time reviewing and responding to my questions. I am sure, I will have more later.

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The answer to my first question is the forum thread linked below. Second question has not been answered yet when I edited this post.

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