Dedicated Server Launcher - Server Name

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but I use the Conan Official Dedicated Server Launcher to run a private online multiplayer server. It works great, and I love it. The only thing I think needs to be updated is that when you name your server it limits the number of characters you can use for the name of your server, even though when you launch the game through steam and go to the list of populated servers 90% of the servers have a name for their server that is more characters than the Dedicated Server Launcher will allow you to use. Most modded servers will at least include an abbreviation of a few of the mods they have to guide people to finding a server that has the mods they like and I can’t do that because the DSL only allows 27 characters (including spaces). It’s kind of frustrating tbh. You should remove the max number of characters because even if the full name won’t display in the server list, other websites that private server owners use to help market their server usually display the whole name of the server. Please fix this.

Post it here and ToolGuy would probably look into it for you.

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