Dedicated Server Not Showing on Server List

So, recently I brought up a dedicated server for a few friends and I to enjoy and build on… the issue I’m running into is that no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the server to appear on the list.

Any tips would be welcomed, because I’m out of ideas.

Are you running it on a computer you own, or are you renting a hosted one?

Running it on my gaming laptop and playing the game on my desktop.

Did you open the query port in your firewall? 27015.

Also, sometimes I don’t see my own server in the browser, but it is visible to everyone else. I have to use the direct connect option.

What is it called? I can check and see if I can see it in the list.

It’s called “Storst” But I have the server running on 27016 so I can play from the same network.

out of curiosity, who is your internet provider? and is the first time having this issue or just recently started to happen?

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