DLC, being able to deactivate content

I am s fan of the game, bought all 4 previous DLC, and will get the next when possible. However I am noticing a real issue here. I can’t deactivate/ toggle on/off wether or not I see the dlc items. Starting with building blocks, and such. I don’t always want to build in the dlc fashion, but if I unlock T3 building blocks, everything else becomes unlocked as well, there’s no option that will allow me to see just the standard game version alone. Being able to choose which if any DLC I wish to build in when I’m ready to would be a big boon. Can some way of making DLC have the ability to be deactivated and reactivated at whim a thing?

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@Ignasis Should be moved to the Suggestions subforum :wink:

I agree that it’d make an easier time of keeping things organized. :slight_smile:
I’ll put it on our suggestions list!


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