Do early access bonuses still apply today?

Should I still be able to get the wartorn rhino if I purchase the DLC today?

You should get the Rhino if you purchase on Steam before 2021-05-27T10:00:00Z.


I was asking because I just bought the dlc an hour ago and I didn’t get it :S. Maybe I did something wrong but I can’t find it anywhere

The feat should be present in your inventory; it’s a skin you apply to an existing rhino mount - not a separate mount in of itself.


I have the other 3 skins but not the wartorn

I was wondering if you could tell me why there wasn’t a pre-order option, with bonus, for console players.

Thanks in advance.

I misspoke, sorry. One sec…

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Looking into the issue; It may be something specific with you or your region. Sorry for the trouble. Will follow up.


Thank you in advance

I have the dlc since day 1, and I cannot craft the wartorns rhinos as well, the 2 version’s. I cant see them in my crafting list at hand. I’m playing on official server pve-c on PC eu.
I do have the other 3 rhino recipes: Purebred Grey Rhinoceros Savage Grey Rhinoceros and Killer Grey Rhinoceros
Edit: I do play on exile land map but I could craft the wartorns rhinos before since I do have some placed on ground.

I have the same problem as them. I have the dlc and Cant see the wartorns rhino :S (EU version)

Do console players get this skin?

This bonus is exclusive to Isle of Siptah Early Access adopters on Steam. If you purchased Isle of Siptah in Early Access before launch and haven’t ever gotten the option for the Wartorn Rhino (as mentioned in this topic a few times, looks like), it may be related to a known issue we’re looking into.

So no that’s ok gonna buy it anyways was just wondering :blush:

Right, yeah, in so many words, “no”, the rhino is not available for console players :stuck_out_tongue:

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hello @Andyb apologizes for asking you this, in one of the developers’ streams I think it was April but I’m wrong, it was said that console players would have a surprise, I think we all imagined that rhinoceros would arrive, from update 2.3 the already named rhino appeared in the feats.

My question is, what is the surprise announced in that stream?

Thank you so much.

Hi Andy

I know you are super busy and everything, but I just read your response here and wanted to pass on my thanks for being transparent here with your communication. This is great to see, helps everyone, and injects confidence into community support.

Keep it going!

Enjoy your week

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Uhhmm… >_>

I honestly don’t recall if we said that or what that would have been. The only thing I can remember was that Dennis wanted to chime in with a bit about the Equip All button after dying and I think there were some bits about console users (specifically PS4 players) having issues getting deadlocked on PVE-C servers that I think we misunderstood?

I’m looking over Multigun’s three most recent recaps:

And I’m not sure I’m seeing what that could be either. I will look around to see where we might have said that.

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Thank you very much for your answer, I think I remember that it was in April that there was a surprise for console players, it is not that it is an important issue, it just caught my attention.

It may also be that the translation has failed me, if so I apologize, when we have to translate on YouTube sometimes it does very strange things, (please someone who subtitles the streams) into Spanish if possible hehe, anyway thank you very much.

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