Wartorn Rhino on consoles

Why is the Wartorn Rhino unavailable to console players? We never had an Isle of Siptah “Early Access” option to begin with. The Wartorn Rhino mount should be available to all console players. I don’t think this is so much a bug as just plain oversight.


Well, we did - it just didn’t make sense for those of us who didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t play on PC to acquire it.

Meanwhile those that did/could/would were gifted a Rhino skin for their collective contribution to the full launch. Where’s the problem?

How did consoles have access to ea for Siptah??

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I think he’s saying that we could have purchased the game a second time for the PC, assuming that one has the PC to play it on, for the express purpose getting “Early Access” to The Isle of Siptah, and thus the Wartorn Rhino.
However, I’m not sure how, even if one was to jump through all those hoops, it would have unlocked the Wartorn Rhino in the console version of the game.

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I am not owned siptah at the moment. But what is the difference to early access or beta testing to the current situation in this game?
For exile lands after every update it feels like an incomplete game. So I think funcom could give some mounts, weapons or something for the console players that have to work with the issues of these Betatest on live systems :sweat_smile:

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